ACF has been involved with ministries in Malawi since 2004, where malaria and HIV/AIDS have been overwhelming the population.

God has given us opportunities to teach the Bible to pastors at conferences, give out hundreds of Bibles to pastors who did not own one previously, and nurture children alongside the Malawi leaders and people.

Under the direction of our partner church, Calvary Fellowship of Southbury, the ACF family supports the Calvary Feeding Center in Bangula. The center provides one or two meals a day to over 140 children and elderly. Through this ministry, children are given a healthy meal they would not otherwise receive. Additionally, they are taught and nurtured in other ways while their physical needs are met.

We also assist the ministry of Isaac Chitikata and Cross Life Church (with over 300 local churches). We help by teaching pastors, encouraging and nurturing children, and assisting in self-sufficiency projects.

We are privileged to be able to assist our African brothers and sisters. Our team stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Malawi people, helping them in various areas while expressing God’s love to them in a tangible way—by being there!

Thank you for caring, praying, and participating in any way to assist these ministries. God bless you!

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Malawi Trip Update; July-Aug 2015
Now when they had come and gathered the church together, they reported all that God had done with them, and that He had opened the door of faith to the Gentiles. Acts 14:27
Rick and Gayle Cohen were able to spend three weeks in Malawi, encouraging, teaching and being encouraged by our dear brethren there.  Here are some highlights of the trip.
Cross Life Church Conference:   The joy of the folks at the Cross Life group and the new roof on their building was a blessing to behold.  We were able to join them for a few sessions and Rick and Scott Biondi each shared one teaching.
Pastors Conferences:   Rick and Scott Biondi of Barnabus Ministries were able to reach 6 different gatherings of Pastors in Malawi.
Ndilrande, Blantyre:  125 pastors for a 2 Day Conference on Romans 1-8.
Bangula:  130 Cross Life Pastors and 40 other pastors for a 2 Day Conference on Romans 1-8
Lilongwe:  4 different conferences of 1 or 2 days:  approximately 500 pastors ministered to and several hundred bibles given to pastors ( by Barnabus Mininstries, with some ACF aid).
Bagngula:  Rick and Gayle were able to encourage the Calvary Feeding Center staff and children for several days.  The schooling plan of using 3 selected schools is being enacted upon. Gayle also was able to reach hurting families and minister house to house, as well as bring gifts to new moms and babies at the maternity hospital.
          Looking Ahead  (Please keep in prayer):
We have opportunity to partner further with Pastor Scott Biondi and Barnabus Ministries, as well as Calvary Southbury, reaching more pastors.  Also, with those we already are connected with, we plan to  additionally strengthen the Malawi pastors we already work with.
We see the need to develop further more in depth training
of leading pastors whose hearts beat with ours for the Word of God. (The motto Rick gave them: “We’re looking for a few good men!”   We also see a possible avenue to encourage literacy among pastors and for Bibles to be given methodically to insure that pastors who don’t have them will receive bibles.
The Feeding Center in Bangula is going strong, raising goats, a beautiful garden, and teaching children about Jesus as well as feeding them and helping them receive education.
We will continue to support and engage this ministry.
Keep praying for Malawi!  Both our nations need God’s hand of direction and provision.

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